The professionalism and expertise of Luciana and Tatiana provide unmatched results for needs, no matter the size or complexity of your projects.

We are the creative partner for ambitious partners and projects. We believe in a process designed for optimized client success and ongoing partnership. Our mission is simple. To do work that we love. With people that we love. For clients that we love. And to create everything we do with artistic intent, high standards and ambition. We believe in the intersection of creativity and strategy. And that a brand should be defined by what it means to its customers.

Luciana Eliseu 


Luciana’s thought leadership has established her as the go-to expert for Investment, Design professional in Florida. She has managed millions of dollars for major industry leaders, so you know that she is not only trustworthy but also able to deliver on your goals.

Throughout her decades of marketing experience, Luciana has seen trends come and go, but she has built her success of understanding her customers and their needs. This means that your business will receive professional insight and personalized service for every aspect that you need, and you can focus on your business as Luciana applies her focus to help your business grow.

Tatiana Almeida 


Tatiana Almeida has over a decade of experience in the real estate, private and philanthropic sectors, with expertise in business administration, finance and real estate development. Her background includes Development, Operations and Real Estate experience throughout Latin America, as well as national and local levels. Ms. Almeida graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the George Washington University.

Tatiana has spent her entire career focusing on real estate, homeownership and financial empowerment, from her grassroots days in Washington DC to the numerous developers, and foundations in the state of Florida.

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